Tuesday, September 11, 2012

New Doctor


Zacks new Dr.dosent get him, he gave me this bed time regime that I  am suppossed to follow, I already do most of it except let him scream it out. Its torture. He is now on visterol and clonidine, lowered dose of clonidine and 25 mg of visterol. I am letting him sleep with his sister which he still isnt pleased with. He wants me, to sleep with me. There he feels safe. I dont know what to do, i told him last night that he must try to sleep in his bed tonight, but he cries and screams and melts down...he has school in the morning he needs to get sleep. He got in trouble the first day of school. The teacher laid down the law and since then he has been fairly well in school here are the teachers words when I told her he was really struggeling at home..."maybe he is useing all he has to be "good" and in control in school and so he falls apart when he gets home"..sigh I have been saying this for years. The Dr. Thinks we have no structure I dont know how much more we can have....get off bus, snack, homework, playtime, dinner, TV time, Bath, bed, same thing everyday, what am i doing wrong, It seems like structure to me, maybe I dont know what structure is, In between that we have our meltdowns from something simple as not getting soda to "me hating him because he has to sleep without me", he hits his brother in fits of anger for no seemingly obvious reason, he calls A names, hurtful names when he feels threatened. He must be the smartest and the best at everything and if he thinks that hes not he puts everyone around him down, he can be very cruel. I love him and want to help him, he can be the sweetest most loving boy there is and he is always sorry, he is like 2 different people, This Dr wants to try Intuive or something like that, but not til he sleeps in his own bed, what is up with those requirements, I feel so defeated.

Zacks Mom

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